We merge the complex world of professional athletics with specialized fitness training, so each client can obtain results in the shortest amount of time!



Our Creative Fit Solutions workshops are informational sessions designed to educate active network members on a variety of health and fitness topics. Rather than only presenting material, we create interactive discussions for participants to learn new skills, techniques and get answers to questions to improve their overall well-being.  Behind every workshop are six components members can take home, learn from and insert into their active lifestyle.

Establishing a solid foundation means giving members a reliable source they can use for themselves and their family.  Our workshops are offered monthly to allow those with varying schedules the opportunity to attend.  Core topics are chosen by our network experts regarding issues they encounter during training sessions or consultations.  Topics like proper meals to eat after working out, should you diet, certain exercises to avoid and how to maintain energy throughout the day.  Delivered at the beginning of each session, we take specific questions from attendees, given each person’s lifestyle has a specific impact area they want to address.  Usually, the first 15 minutes is reserved for this open-ended time frame.


The topic of the day is shared to the group by our presenter.  Chosen topics are derived from working experience of our affiliate professional in the health and fitness industry.  There are common pitfalls or challenges that occur by individual clients, so we like to build awareness and offer solutions that allow members who encounter the same issues mechanisms to overcome these issues.


Most business professionals are generally bound by a certain time constraints with varying schedules. Leading to a certain level of oversight when it comes to researching or seeking answers to questions they may have; and ultimately these issues can be a hindrance in fitness growth.  The focus of every workshop session is built on educating members so they don’t have to spend countless hours looking for solutions to health and fitness related components.


We do the heavy lifting so members don’t have to, that’s the key benefit of our workshops.  From our research into the most common challenges, we prioritize on the concept of clarity.  Statements about when to train, what type of foods to eat, or even, the best exercises to do for weight loss, can leave individuals confused.  With so much information be delivered these days, it’s hard to know what’s the right way or whose telling the truth.  The difference we offer is a Masters education and decades of experience in gold standard fitness environments.  Attending our sessions, will provide clear solutions and answers to the questions most busy professionals have.


What better way to leave a seminar, training session or workshop, than with rejuvenated motivation? That’s our goal – to inspire, motivate and give members the spiritual energy they need to press forward in their daily activities.  It’s all too common to hear what we did wrong on a daily basis; our workshop sessions not only help in this area, but we show members what they’re doing right!  From our years of training and teaching clients, we’ve found complete overhauls and starting from scratch is completely unnecessary.  Mostly, individuals just a few tweaks, or simply adjustments and they can see significant positive results.  Positive encouraging communication with purposeful engagement is the key to each and every session.


We all know it’s much easier to tackle personal fitness challenges when there’s a positive group or support system.  Our workshops are key, but they revolve around a solid mix of monthly training classes.  In each session, members are presented ideas that provide a direct parallel towards attending classes more consistently and building a better nutritional habit.  Total inclusion by the entire community that members are a part of the is the key for long term benefits.  Each member can now get answers or solutions to a community of like-minded individuals they’re familiar with.  You’re not on a remote social network, this is your environment, so contributions by everyone only enhances the health of all its members.  That’s our ultimate goal!


Open. Interactive & Encouraging.

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